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Holidays in South Tyrol

Tirolo and
the Merano Region.

Home to the majestic Tyrol Castle with its square keep, Tirolo is situated on a sun-drenched high plateau overlooking the South Tyrolean countryside. Close to the castle, another gem awaits, nestled amid grapevines and colourful fruit trees, between the vastness of the countryside and the sky: your four-star superior hotel Patrizia. It is a starting point and destination at the same time, providing a haven of relaxation and pure indulgence over 300 sunny days a year. Located in the heart of the Merano countryside, this is the perfect place to explore South Tyrol during your holiday. With its historic 13th century town centre and an abundance of cultural activity, Merano attracts innumerable guests each year to explore museums, go on shopping sprees, or participate in traditional activities and events, and more. Hike along the Tappeiner Promenade, one of the most beautiful promenades in Europe, pass the sunny hillside of Monte di Merano until you reach the village of Quarazze. Or revel in the beauty of the blooming botanical gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, which in 2016 were nominated the most beautiful gardens of Italy.

The most beautiful way to experience the Merano countryside and South Tyrol’s cultural and natural variety is also the active way: get in the saddle of your bike, pull on your hiking boots, visit the golf course, go for a tennis match, or view the country from above when going paragliding.

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