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Beauty rituals cosmetics

Finishing Touches

- Depilation € 8,00 to € 38,00
- Eyebrow shape € 13,00
- Eyelash tint € 13,00
- Eyebrow tint € 10,00
- Eyelash and eyebrow tint € 20,00
- Nail polish € 10,00
- Permanent gel (ca. 25 mins.) € 30,00
- Permanent gel removal € 15,00 

Permanent Nail Polish

Enjoy the feeling of beautifully polished nails that lasts long after your stay with us has ended. Our quality nail polish lasts three to four weeks without chipping or dulling. The surface coat dries immediately, preventing the risk of dents. Our professional gel service ensures perfectly groomed nails for natural beauty.

ca. 80 minutes with classic manicure: € 70,00
ca. 80 minutes with classic pedicure: € 75,00
Out of Love for Your Feet

Day after day, our feet carry us through life. Yet, hardly ever do we give them the attention they deserve. This treat for feet includes a soak, exfoliation scrub, callus removal, pedicure, deeply relaxing massage, and moisturising cream to repair and condition your skin.

ca. 50 minutes | € 60,00
Soft, Supple Hands

Our hands are constantly in use, day after day, for our entire life. It’s high time to treat them right. Choose our wellness manicure, nurturing your hands with precious nutrients. Skin feels smooth and supple after a generous scrub and intense nail care.

ca. 50 minutes | € 55,00
BIOSEL Deluxe – Beauté à la Carte

Deeply cleanse, hydrate, and nurture your skin with this immersive experience. Precious natural ingredients, effective trace minerals, and essential vitamins nourish the skin as the body’s yin and yang are activated to realign your energies and stimulate lymphatic circulation. This 80-minute full-body treatment with focus on your skin allows you to relieve stress and regain your energies.

ca. 80 minutes | € 115,00
Bio-Age Classic

Highly effective active agents and natural hyaluronic acid combine to intensely hydrate the skin, fight free radicals, and stimulate your body’s collagen production. Relieve stress and restore your skin’s natural beauty through specialised massage. This instant-results treatment noticeably plumps and tones your skin and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

ca. 80 minutes | € 125,00
Bio-Age Deluxe

This powerfully age-defying treatment with intensely cleansing effect on your skin extends over two days for maximum results. Deeply relax as a firming mask nourishes your skin and subsequent lifting massage restores your radiance. The treatment is rounded off by a professional eye brow shape. 
1st day ca. 80 minutes, 2nd day ca. 50 minutes.

for as little as € 198,00

The perfect make-up for any occasion – whether you want to underscore your natural beauty or experience an extravagant transformation for a night out. All our beauty and cosmetic products by the Italian brand EVAGARDEN are available for purchase in our beauty department. Professional make-up artists are prepared to share valuable tips and beauty secrets to help you with your everyday make-up routine.

ca. 50 minutes | € 45,00
BIOSEL klein aber fein

Schon in kurzer Zeit kann unsere Kosmetikerin mit einer gründlichen Reinigung und einer schnellen effektiven Maske oder einer entspannenden Gesichtsmassage Ihrer Haut etwas Gutes tun. Mit der anschließenden Tagespflege erzielen Sie eine sichtbare und spürbare Wirkung.

ca. 50 Min. | € 93,00

Exfoliation and baths

Body Scrub

Delight in this soothing scrub while experiencing a refreshing body exfoliation. This treatment begins with a sea salt scrub blended with essential oils to gently buff away dry, lifeless skin. Your skin is deeply replenished and regains its natural softness through the application of exclusive care products that will melt into your skin, restoring its natural radiance.

ca. 25 minutes | € 36,00

Dive into the immersive experience of a bubbling and massaging bath. While you enjoy a bath tailored to your individual needs, ergonomic water jets massage your entire body. Pure oxygen is pumped into the tub to boost your body’s circulation. For an enhanced effect, we recommend an exfoliating scrub before taking a bath:

- Exfoliating bath and full-body massage for only € 125,00 instead of € 139,00
- Exfoliating bath and partial massage for only € 106,00 instead of € 116,00

ca. 25 minutes | € 35,00
Thalasso Scrub and Oil Bath

One of our most popular full-body treatments, the salt massage with subsequent Thalasso oil bath stimulates the energy flow in your body and activates the metabolism. Natural Dead Sea salt combined with effective Thalasso oils clears your skin and removes dead skin cells, whilst strengthening your body’s defences and loosening tight muscles. Choose:

  • Lemon (promotes relaxation especially after physical activity)
  • Cinnamon (guarantees quick recovery after sports)
  • Vanilla (restores a sense of lightness and relieves tired legs and sore muscles)
ca. 50 minutes | € 66,00

Classic massages

Back and Foot Massage

Physiological distress, malalignment, and blockage in your feet can cause painful muscular imbalances and tensions in the back as well as other locations in the body. Realign your body with our combined Back and Foot Massage, reactivating your energies and restoring a blissful sense of calm.

ca. 50 minutes | € 68,00

Magnetotherapy stimulates cell walls, improves cell blood flow, and increases the oxygen exchange between your blood and cells. This can affect a revitalising boost, strengthening your immune system and noticeably enhancing your mechanical performance. 5 x 20 minutes for € 80,00

ca. 20 minutes | € 18,00
Point Zero – Rebirth

This energetically stimulating after-sports massage improves tissue blood flow and revives body and soul. A full-body wrap based on purely natural plant extracts of devil’s claw, aloe vera, and plant coal detoxifies and dehydrates the body, before the treatment peaks in an immersive Thalasso oil bath reactivating your energies with cinnamon extracts for new vitality.  Full-body massage, full-body wrap, and bath. 

ca. 110 minutes | € 130,00

Magnetotherapy stimulates cell walls, improves cell blood flow, and increases the oxygen exchange between your blood and cells. This can affect a revitalising boost, strengthening your immune system and noticeably enhancing your mechanical performance. 5 x 20 minutes for € 80,00

ca. 20 minutes | € 18,00
Lomilomi Massage

The traditional Hawaiian massage uses palms, fingers, knuckles, as well as forearms and elbows to massage your entire body. Let yourself get carried away by this flowing dance of warm hands combining rhythmic strokes and dynamic movement with intense pressure. The spiritual massage allows you to penetrate deeper layers of your body and effectively alleviate deep-seated pain and tension.

ca. 80 minutes | € 100,00
Vital Stone Massage

Tailored massage using differently sized hot stones targets your body’s energy centres. Through the targeted application of heat even those energy points of your body can be reached that are otherwise almost impossible to activate. A deeply relaxing experience, this massage recharges spirits and leaves you feeling rejuvenated. Emerge detoxified, relieved from discomfort, and fully re-energised.

ca. 80 minutes | € 100,00
Herbal Stamp Massage

Ancient Thai wisdom forms the basis of this advanced massage technique. Indulge in the deeply nourishing effect of oils mixed according to traditional Thai principles, enhanced by the application of hot herbal stamps. Twelve herbs combine with the heat created by the stamps, alleviating tensions throughout your body. Enjoy the detoxifying effects of this immersive experience and the feeling of smoother skin.

ca. 80 minutes | € 100,00
Thai Massage

Dive into this exotic experience based on a healing system born almost 2500 years ago in Thailand. Thai Massage combines Indian Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine principles with acupressure, joint mobilisation, active stretching, and assisted yoga postures. It is traditionally applied without using any oil and wearing light clothing.

ca. 50 minutes | € 68,00
Dorn Method

The Dorn Method is a form of manual, holistic therapy related to osteopathy. It is based on guided movements that release blockages and misalignments of joints or the spinal cord. Passive stretching and targeted mobilisation help divert the muscles’ tensions in a dynamic way. For the best possible effect, we recommend one to two sessions. Please wear light clothing.

ca. 50 minutes | € 68,00
Energetic Foot Massage

As early as 5000 years ago, the Chinese have discovered that there are innumerable nerve points on the soles of our feet connected to the organs in our body. These so-called foot reflexology points are like a chart of the entire body. Through targeted massage of these points, we can stimulate various body functions, ease pain with a lasting effect, and effectively counteract dysfunctions.

ca. 50 minutes € 58,00
ca. 25 minutes € 40,00
Special Back Treatment

Melt away tension in your back and rediscover a sense of lightness and well-being with this specialised back treatment, combining traditional massage with cupping techniques to improve your body’s blood flow. Cupping uses suction and negative pressure to remove toxins, lift connective tissue, and bring blood flow to muscles and skin.

ca. 50 minutes | € 68,00
After-Hike Legs Special

The skilful combination of stimulating massage and a cooling wrap of rosemary extract, rounded off by balneotherapy, activate new energies and provide quick recovery for tired legs. Massage oil is gently applied to loosen tight muscles and the final salt bath ensures toxins are removed from the body.

ca. 80 minutes | € 90,00
From Top to Toe

This total-body experience effectively combines the manifold benefits of traditional massage with a nourishing wrap by the luxury brand SALIN de BIOSEL. It will ease away tension, soothe the body, and bring total relaxation to your mind and spirit.

ca. 80 minutes | € 108,00
Intense Back Massage

Relieve back pain and target those parts of the body that are of special concern to you with our intense back massage. Special techniques are applied to ease tension in the back and stimulate your cell metabolism. Muscular tension is released with instant and lasting effect. Finally, a comforting partial body wrap allows you to relax.

ca. 50 minutes | € 68,00
Lymphatic Massage

Calm and slow circular massage movements using gentle pressure activate your body’s lymphatic system. Puffiness caused by metabolic waste is reduced and the immune system is strengthened with a long-lasting effect. This detoxifying treatment is particularly suited to alleviate swollen legs and hands.

Face, ca. 25 minutes € 40,00
Legs, ca. 25 minutes € 40,00
Fullbody, ca. 50 minutes € 68,00
After-Sports Massage

Designed for the physically active client who needs to soothe those sore muscles. This intensely regenerative massage actively loosens up tight muscles, making it the ideal after-sports treatment. Stimulating massage technique combined with a special sports balm builds heat, enhances your body’s blood flow, and penetrates the tightness in your muscles. Alleviate tension and relieve muscular pain with this relaxing experience that promotes healing and relaxation. Back or legs, 25 minutes for € 45, 50 minutes for € 68.

ca. 25 minutes € 45,00
ca. 50 minutes € 68,00
Abdominal Massage

Soothe your mind and body and unwind with our abdominal massage, regulating intestinal activity for a long-lasting balancing effect. The soft treatment of the abdomen and diaphragm activates your body’s detoxifying functions, promising an especially relaxing experience.

ca. 25 minutes | € 40,00
Facial Massage

This soothing facial massage draws on the powerful effect of active agents to visibly smooth and firm your skin and revitalise the delicate skin around your eyes. Diminish wrinkles and fine lines, even if just for a special occasion, and rediscover your inner beauty.

ca. 25 minutes | € 40,00
Patrizia’s Special Oils Selection

To enhance your massage experience, we invite you to select your oil of choice from our selection of highly effective special oils, all of which are based on the highest quality natural ingredients:

- Arnica (alleviates muscle and joint pain)

- Lavender (relaxes and elevates your mood)

- Swiss pine (strengthens the immune system, promotes health and sleep)

- Amber (heals and has a calming effect)

For a surcharge of € 3,00
Scalp and Neck Massage

Surrender your senses and give yourself to our exceptionally skilled therapists, freeing you from pain and tension in the neck area. A final scalp massage brings deep relaxation for an especially soothing experience.

ca. 25 minutes | € 42,00
Partial Massage

Our partial massage experience can be fully adapted to your individual wishes and needs. Enjoy a back massage, leg treatment, or neck massage ritual targeting your key areas of concern with the pressure you desire to soothe muscles. Different massage techniques, from strong kneading to gentle stroking, are applied to melt away all tension.

ca. 25 minutes | € 42,00
Full-Body Massage

Indulge in this immersive total-body experience alleviating muscular tension and pain in your key areas of concern. This is a popular massage for those who need to soothe those sore muscles. The targeted massage treatment will help you rediscover your inner balance as it promotes healing and relaxation.

ca. 50 minutes € 68,00
ca. 80 minutes € 98,00

Packs & bandages after SALIN DE BIOSEL

SALIN de BIOSEL Instant Effect Compress

Effective care products and specialised massage techniques prepare your body for the slightly cooling and firming SALIN de BIOSEL Instant Effect Compress to successfully fight cellulite. Toxins are gently removed and your body’s lipid metabolism is activated. The contouring effect of the treatment is immediately noticeable. Choose:

  • Cleansing to remove hard skin
  • Firming to firm lose skin and revive tired legs


1 compress, ca. 80 minutes | € 82.00
3 compresses, € 210.00

By applying specialised massage techniques, this treatment prepares your skin for application of highly effective care products by the exclusive brand SALIN de BIOSEL. The wrap best fitting your personal needs is applied to your body’s skin with soft pressure and gentle movement. Choose: - Detox for a cleansing and detoxifying effect - Energy for a re-energising effect - Relax for a calming effect - Algae from Bretagne for a draining effect

ca. 50 minutes | € 62,00

Beauty rituals SALIN de BIOSEL rituals

Ceylon Treatment

Awaken your senses in a whole new way with a sumptuous cinnamon and orange cleansing treatment that includes an exfoliating body scrub, followed by an energising cinnamon Yang bath that promotes cell renewal. Finally, a revitalising power treatment uses a special balm based on spirulina, soy protein, water lily, and sacred blue lily. For best possible results, you are recommended to treat yourself to an extended rest period after this treatment.

ca. 80 minutes | € 90,00
Wei Qi

Wei Qi represents a very personal encounter with nature. The finest plant-based powders and lotions based on select natural essences are applied during a soft, flowing massage, creating an exfoliating effect. Your skin will feel smooth and get prepared for subsequent treatment with soothing aromatherapy blends. Choose your scent:

  • Blossom – this summer scent promotes creativity and has a rejuvenating effect.
  • Leaf – this spring scent creates joy and detoxifies the body.
  • Bark – this autumn scent focuses your vitality and lifts the spirits.
  • Root – this winter scent enlivens your senses and calms the mind.
ca. 50 minutes | € 62.00
ca. 80 minutes incl. back massage | € 90.00
Bamboo Ritual

Introduce yourself to a new way of relaxation and healing. This special ritual stimulates the senses by a mesmerising combination of scent, sound, and touch. Quieten your mind and retreat from everyday life. Bask in the heavenly scent of bamboo and unwind as specifically composed music plays in the background. Together the aroma and intensely hydrating bamboo extracts absorb easily through the skin and permeate the senses for a tranquil experience paired with a unique bamboo massage. This massage is a gentle dance of organic bamboo canes rolling and sliding up and down your body and face.

ca. 50 minutes | € 80,00
SALIN de BIOSEL Face and Body

SALIN de BIOSEL has developed an innovative, holistic treatment combining body and face for an enhanced effect. The SALIN de BIOSEL Face and Body ritual is ideally suited for individuals wishing to experience the natural powers of bio-sequential products and see extraordinary results. The treatment consists of a facial and especially developed BIOSEL massage, aiming to:
- dehydrate, - cleanse, - loosen, - revitalise, and - rejuvenate your body.


ca. 50 minutes | € 80,00
3 sessions € 230,00
5 sessions € 360,00

Romantic moments for two

Cuddle Ritual for Two

A memorable experience for a couple’s heart, mind, and soul. Cleanse your body with a sea salt scrub that activates your metabolism and blood flow. Subsequent massage relieves the stress of everyday life and calms both body and mind. The intimate atmosphere of our private sauna with Kneipp shower, luxurious waterbed for two, and an exclusive glass of prosecco transport you into the world of ultimate relaxation.

Exfoliation, partial massage, and private sauna, ca. 90 min. | € 195, 00
Exfoliation, full-body massage and private sauna, ca. 120 min. | € 215, 00
Candle-Light Oil Massage

Relax together and enjoy natural massage that combines well-being and skin care by romantic candle light. The flames of the candles transform shea butter, cacao butter, and honey into a highly nourishing oil, before our skilled practitioners apply it to your skin with warm, soft hands.

ca. 50 minutes | € 130,00
Private Sauna

Dim light and enchanting aromatherapy blend to create a special feel-good atmosphere in our private 60 degrees hot bio-sauna. Enjoy the experience together with your significant other and celebrate wellness for two with a glass of prosecco and a platter of fresh fruit.

ca. 120 minutes | € 60,00

Wellness for teenies

Basic Pedicure

Intense foot care combined with a soothing foot massage gives hard-working feet the relief and relaxation they deserve while bringing you a new sense of well-being. A pedicure is especially recommended after an extensive hike through the Merano countryside. Enjoy the feeling of beautifully conditioned and replenished feet with our Basic Pedicure that includes cut and file, massage, and, if desired, nail polish.

Up to the age of 16 | ca. 25 minutes | € 35,00
Teen Massage

Since teenagers frequently suffer from an irregular rhythm in their day-to-day lives and, consequently, muscular tension, we offer a massage just for teenagers. Treat your teen to a combined back and foot massage, releasing tensions and restoring balance for a new sense of well-being.

Up to the age of 16 | 25 minutes | € 35,00
Basic Manicure

Your hands play a vital role in almost all situations of life, without us even noticing. Give them the appearance they deserve and help them make the best first impression. With our Basic Manicure, consisting of a soak, cut and file, application of cream, and your polish of choice, you will gladly present your hands.

Up to the age of 16 | ca. 25 minutes | € 35,00
Basic Facial

Juvenile skin requires special attention. This is why we have designed this facial for our teen guests up to the age of 16. Treat your teen to a tailored treatment to balance blemished and oily skin, or intensely hydrate dry skin. A nourishing and gentle treatment, this facial allows your teen to emerge with improved complexion and glowing with natural health:

  • Cleanse and skin analysis
  • Scrub
  • Extraction and eyebrow shape
  • Fluid, serum, or concentrate
  • Personalised mask
  • Care according to skin type
Up to the age of 16 | ca. 50 minutes | € 60,00

Men thing

Out of Love for Your Feet

Day after day, our feet carry us through life. Yet, hardly ever do we give them the attention they deserve. This treat for feet includes a soak, exfoliation scrub, callus removal, pedicure, deeply relaxing massage, and moisturising cream to repair and condition your skin.

ca. 50 minutes | € 53,00
Soft, Supple Hands

Our hands are constantly in use, day after day, for our entire life. It’s high time to treat them right. Choose our wellness manicure, nurturing your hands with precious nutrients. Skin feels smooth and supple after a generous scrub and intense nail care.

ca. 50 minutes | € 48,00
Special Gentlemen’s Facial

Slip into a new skin with this sensational facial! Select care products adapted to your individual needs refresh, tone, and fully nourish your skin, before a relaxing massage of the face and neck rounds off the renewing experience. Valuable tips by exceptionally skilled beauty experts are also included.

ca. 80 minutes | € 105,00
Men with Beards Facial

Our signature facial for men with beards starts with a personalised deep-cleansing treatment of the skin, followed by a scrub preparing for the subsequent shave. The wet shave is rounded off by a revitalising face massage and mask, making your beard neckline look professional.

ca. 80 minutes | € 105,00
Wet Shave Facial

This wet shave experience starts by gently but deeply cleansing your skin with plant-based facial soap, followed by warm compresses ideally preparing your beard for shaving. This facial is tailored to men’s specific skincare needs, and promotes total relaxation. Choose your preferred look and enjoy being pampered. Cold compresses cool your skin and leave you feeling fully refreshed.

ca. 45 minutes | € 50,00
Keep your body in shape or enjoy
just the desire for movement.